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Physicians, pharmacies, distributors, and DMEs love Forever Young canes because our products are profitable and pretty. Our field experts love the reliability that has come to be associated with Forever Young, but they mainly love working with us because our products makes their customers feel safer and happier. 

Exceptionally well designed cane!

The Sturdy YoungLook cane by ForeverYoung is an exceptionally well designed cane. I highly recommend this cane to my patients because of its superior features -- very soft grip (easier to hold for people with weak or arthritic hands), well balanced and light weight, and very stable with the firm rubber quad base that is small enough to fit on a staircase yet large enough to provide a stable base for walking with confidence and, best of all, the cane stands on its own.”

Lead Clinical Specialist, San Diego, CA

Functional and stylish!

I highly recommend this cane and this company! This cane is functional and stylish and the cane grip is very comfortable. Many of my patients also like the cane tips as well. These tips are sturdy and very exclusive from other cane tips in the market. The price for all of the products made by this company is very reasonable. Their customer service is amazing!”

Dr. Christine L, Doctor of Chiropractic
Hacienda Heights, CA

  well designed cane

Love the excitement created!

“One of the GREAT cane/bling displays for our busiest store…and together we determined that our company has sold over $10k at retail from these wonderful cane rack displays with the great accessories. ALL CASH SALES... Gotta love it!!..Our company is grateful for the cash sales, our associates love the excitement the display creates and our customers must agree as they have spent over $10k on really cool canes and accessories.”

Bruce B. Regional Director of Merchandising
Williams Brothers Health Care Pharmacy, IN 

Reliability, Creativity & Quality!

“We have come to respect your intelligence, reliability and creativity. Working with you has been a pleasure and continue to see improvement in the product and the thorough analysis you provided…is willing to make to ensure that the product provided is of the utmost quality….”

Carol H. Vice President,
Essential Medical Supply Inc, FL



More than 325,000 people have been empowered by Forever Young products since 2009. Family members choose Forever Young to offer their love ones style and mobility, receiving peace of mind in return. Others have been purchasing our products to refresh their looks and regain their self-esteem.

My physical therapist got one for me!

The hospital gave me an uncomfortable hard handle cane, then, my Physical Therapists purchased a Forever young stylish and comfortable cane for me.”      

Sarah from Laguna Hills, CA  


If you have to use one, it might as well be pretty!

It is a pretty color pink, at the right price and a very useful during this period of my life. Once I saw how well made it was, I got a few more in different colors. Why not be color coordinated while I'm rehabbing.                                                

Myra from Miami, FL

Found this cane to be the best!

With an arthritic hand, it is the most comfortable one I own, and I do have about six of them.”                                                

        Arlene from Commerce, MI

My mother refused to use a cane!

My mother’s last fall resulted in two fractures to the pelvis it was a wakeup call. She now understands Forever Young cane makes her feels happy and safe….”  

Nancy from Fullerton, CA    

Bought one for my husband!

My sister has Transverse Myelitis and this is the only cane that does not cause her pain. Now, I am getting one for my husband.”                 

                Diana from Lubbock, TX

  User experience


What fashionistas say about us?!! 


I agree 100% about confidence relating to canes being customized and cute.”

Bailey from FIDM Fashion School, CA 


I think being involved with a company that helps others in different ways is very inspiring and I wish to be a part of something where I can help others while being involved in the fashion industry. “            

Victoria from FIDM Fashion School, CA 


You definitely have a fashion edge within the medical field.”                                     

                  Diane S. Professor of Fashion Merchandising Saddleback College, CA